I want

Well, the first thing I want right now is my Internet to work! And I hope it will happen in the nearest future! Gosh, blogging in China is really challenging. And among the other things: tassels, bags, maxi dresses, travelling and so much more…so “Read more”


I want to

look like that at 82. Carmen Dell’ Orefice is just amazing. She is one of the world’s oldest models and still rocking the fashion world.





I want

tassels. Everywhere!!! I’m literally obsessed. I could have them everywhere: clothes, accessories, interior details!



I want

to get more beige in my closet. So far I’ve been kind of sceptical about all the pastel palette, but ready to explore new territories now!


I want

this perfection. This is officially the most beautiful bag in the world!


I want

more stripes! If I could I would buy all the striped tops in the world! Yes, yes, yes!! I’m officially addicted!


I want

to go to Bordeaux. After my trip to France I fell in love with this country and want to see it’s every corner, so Bordeaux is my next to-go destination.


I want

a cute floral maxi dress to run errands during hot summer days.



I want

to try a combination of bright midi skirt and classic shirt.


I want

and I’m ready to try dress+pants outfit. Very sophisticated!


I want

and I definitely will try to pair wide leg pants with cropped top. Perfect combination for summer evenings!


I want

off the shoulder top or dress



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