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Faux fur: Yes or No?

Faux fur can be really tricky and as any other materials and any jacket, coat or vest made of faux fur requires a perfect combination of quality and an ideal silhouette. Otherwise you can end up looking:

a. very inappropriate

b. rather like a gorilla than human

c. wearing a very cheap piece of clothing

But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t wear faux fur! The right faux fur jacket will give an unexpected and sophisticated twist to every outfit.  If you struggle choosing your perfect faux fur jacket, take a look at these ones:

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Today’s inspiration. Indoor plants

Today I’m over inspired by any interiors filled with plants. The reason might be that I’m not able to grow anything at home (I just keep killing them all over again) and I’m super jealous of people who have green at their homes. There are a lot of health benefits of having indoor plants, but first of all they are an incredible interior part that is able to promote positive energy.  So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired and add greens to your place!

Today's inspiration- Indoor plants

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Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Archives

Found these photos and decided to share with you. I truly adore Ulyana’s collections as they are always like a trip to he past, takes us to the forgotten times and far away lands. Ulyana build her own fashion kingdom and she is truly the queen. The whole fashion world is waiting for her every collection which is praised by critics and loved by celebrities and world’s top fashionistas. But no more words, let’s enjoy Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Archives .


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Never say never!

I do have fashion taboos. I would never wear leather leggings, socks with sandals, UGGs or clothes that do not fit and so many more.  Do you have anything you swear not to wear under any circumstances? But with my whole agenda about trying new things, I’m considering stepping out of my comfort zone and give it a try! I realised I’ve never worn leather shorts as considered them tacky; culottes as was sure they won’t fit my shape and peep toe booties as thought that the whole idea is just strange (why on the Earth do we need holes there?) And now I’m totally ready to rock those items. I’m actually sure every item, no matter how old fashioned or strange it is, can be styled smartly! So, speaking about leather shorts, culottes and peep toe booties, here are my perfect outfits:


Girl of the month. Jenny Walton

November’s “Girl of the month” award goes to young and extremely talented fashion illustrator Jenny Walton based in New York. I’ve seen her on street style pages but just recently found out who she is.  Jenny’s style is hard to define: classy, quirky, retro, sophisticated and definitely original.  She likes to shop in thrift and vintage stores and finds a lot of treasures on flea markets. As Jenny says: “My style is simply a progression and combination of the individual pieces that I love. I think the most original style comes about this way. You don’t think about creating any sort of style, you just let it advance by itself over years of acquiring great pieces.” Well, I can’t agree more! And I swear I see Audrey through a lot of Jenny’s photos.


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