3 clothing items that make me feel gorgeous.

Do you have any clothing items which when you wear, make you feel like a Queen, which make you confident and …well….happy??? I do!!! Without any hesitation I can say that leather midi skirt, culottes and bodycon dress are always on the top of my “favourites” list. Even though I understand that these are not the easiest items to style and if you are not going to wear them correctly, they can turn your look in a complete disaster;¬†I always feel gorgeous when I wear my favourite leather midi skirt bought in a thrift store in Paris, Mango culottes and Asos bodycon dress.



I chose my favourite looks from the web which prove that culottes, bodycon dresses are midi leather skirts should be on everyone’s must-have list!!!

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Photos from harpersbazaar.com, whowhatwear.com, vogue.com, shinebythree.com, glamsugar.com, bloglovin.com, ohhcouture.com, pinterest.com, forever21.com, dynamiteclothing.com

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