Smart dressing or What I have in common with Olivia Wilde.

You might think that it is difficult to see any things in common between me and Olivia Wilde but they do exist, well, at least one. We have the same body type. As Olivia once said: “I have the torso of a tall woman and the lower body of a short woman.” plus short legs…


Well, we have what we have and we should work on what God has given us. I wish I could rock mini skirts like Taylor Swift or flirty dresses like Blake Lively, but that’s not about to happen. I must admit that I always follow Olivia’s style photos to get inspired or simply to learn from her mistakes.

I realized that midi skirts and dresses work perfect for me (nothing that ends on the calf though).


High waist pants is always a hit!!!


I prefer pencil or A-line skirts. They look great on me! Asymmetrical hemlines work as well.


Tops tucked in pants and ankle cigarette pants always make my legs look longer, especially paired with nude shoes.


I learned to say a big NOOOOOOOO to skinny pants with ankle booties


“No” to massive shoes, full mini skirts and dresses!


I’m still making style mistakes, a lot actually, but I learn and try to work on choosing the clothes which work perfectly for me!

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