Today’s inspiration. Madame Grès

Germaine Émilie Krebs aka Alix Barton aka “Madame Grès” was trained as a sculptor but she was a couture designer by heart. To me she was one of the greatest designers of the past century. No one payed so much attention to details as she did, no one did draping as good as she did. Germaine was one of the first designers who introduced the concept of cut-outs.  Germaine Émilie opened a fashion house in Paris in 1942 under the name Grès and I should say she had a very long fashion career (she was working till late 80’s). Alix was known for her extraordinary couture gowns and “Madame Grès” had the most popular celebrities among her clients.  Her every single creation is timeless and they will never go out of fashion!



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The details are extremely exquisite….

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Clothes from Madame Grès were seen on the pages of the most popular magazines. This next image of Dovima wearing Madame Grès gown is simply divine!


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