8×8 jewelry

8×8 jewelry is literally my baby. It is the project that I’ve been thinking to create for the past 2 years and I finally did it! So let me present to you…..


Everything started from the moment when I wasn’t able to find the right necklace anywhere and I decided to make it by myself. As I live in China, it was fairly easy to get all the right materials, and then it all began. All my friends encouraged me to take my hobby to a new level, but, I guess, I lacked courage (till now). But then I decided to try it, so then later I wouldn’t regret if I didn’t do it. I can say it was totally worth it. Making jewelry is my hobby and everything what I create is based on what I like and what I would wear.

If you are on WeChat, scan the code and add me to see all the news and be able to purchase my designs.


But for now, enough words, let’s take a look at 8×8 jewelry:

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Photos by Mike Beloglazoff

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