Monthly Archives: May 2016

Today’s inspiration. Pink and green

If you are looking for the cool colour combination to rock this season, then definitely go for pink and green. Whether you are thinking about interior design, event decor or new outfit ideas – the combination of pink and green works everywhere.  This colour combo looks very refreshing and juicy. I personally prefer to mix forest green and blush pink, but if you are a fan of bright shades, then your choice would contain emerald or lime green and fuchsia or bright pink! Enough words – get inspired and create!

img-set (1)

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White sneakers

Lately we have seen white sneakers incorporated into all possible looks. If before I only imagined them with shorts or jeans in casual looks, now I accept white sneakers with dresses, skirts and even suits. Actually the combination of sneakers with bright suits looks fresh and relaxed. For my perfect look with white sneakers I chose a striking red suit, simple white tee and Ralph Lauren bucket bag.  Here we go – a perfect outfit for running errands.

img-set (2)

Girl of the month. Linda Tol

Linda Tol is not my usual sweet-effortlessly-romantic-feminine girl of the month. She stands out from the crowd with her platinum blond hair and edgy androgynous style.  Linda is Amsterdam based fashion blogger,  trend watcher for L’oreal Paris and a creator of (which, by the way, I strongly recommend to visit). She is unpredictable and you never know what outfit Linda will rock next time but be sure it’s going to be something sophisticated and creative! I personally adore Linda for not following trends blindly and staying true to her style.


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