I want

Here is my May portion of I-wants and I-desires. This month it’s all about finding inspiration and reaching out to the goals! Never be afraid to wish and remember that dreams do come true!


I want  …. well, I have always wanted to have breakfast in bed. I don’t know how comfortable it is, but it sure does look great!


Please meet my dream bag – Ricky Drawstring Bag. I want this perfection so much!


I want to visit an atelier and watch the process of creating Haute Couture. Somehow in my mind this process is a pure magic.


I want to have mountains getaway. It is all about nature and stunning lookouts!


I want to have a breakfast with the view! It might sound cheesy, but I want to sit and enjoy coffee with croissants looking at Eiffel Tower!


I want a velvet dress. I should admit that I have never been a fan of this material, but some velvet dresses are just stunning!


I want to rock boho style like Vanessa Hudgens. She is truly my boho queen!


I want a pair of yellow heels. Because yellow is the new black!


I want to go to the theater, it’s been ages since I visited one.


I want to organize a cute corner where I can store my jewelry. I would like to avoid running around the apartment looking for the right pair of earrings:)


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