Monthly Archives: May 2016

Today’s inspiration. Summer hats

What is your essential summer accessory? I would say without any hesitations that my favourite and most important summer accessory is a floppy straw hat (actually I have a lot of them:)). It’s like a fabulous dome which protects me from Shanghai’s heat and gives a little more sophistication to my everyday looks. Summer hats are gorgeous and even if you hesitate to wear yours or don’t have one, get inspired by the images below and rock your perfect summer hat this season!


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Pattern mixing

I have always been a fan of prints and patterns. They bring so much fun into our existence. I would definitely choose animal print, polka dots, stripes or florals over the solids.  And it is even more fun if you would dare to mix and match:) Pattern mixing is fun! It does require some skills to mix patterns so you wouldn’t end up looking like a clown. I have this image of a perfect outfit with mixed patterns in my head. It would look exactly like this: Stella Jean multicolored dress, Salvatore Ferragamo leopard flats with laces and Valentino African couture lock shoulder bag.

img-set (1)