Today’s inspiration. Slip dresses

Slip dresses stopped being just a part of nightwear a long time ago. Now they are a part of everyday fashion.  Nowadays fashionistas are showing creativity and we can see slip dresses looks completed with … well, everything you can imagine. Let’s take a peek!


We are used to seeing slip dresses on the red carpet events and parties! Celebrities are rocking them in all glamorous ways possible!

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Slip dresses with high heels are also not news as well. They stopped surprising us a long time ago.

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But lately outfits with slip dresses got  a major makeover! Girls are wearing them with sneakers


and booties trying to create less-classy-more-edgy looks


Slip dresses are being styles with turtlenecks and


T-shirts (remember the buzz after Kendall appeared in slip dress+T-shirt+over the knee boots? )


Girls are wearing slip dresses with over-sized outwear and camo jackets and I must admit I like the vibe that this mix creates.


Chunky cardigans look great with slip dresses as well!


The most courageous ladies are pairing slip dresses with jeans (and I wish I was brave enough to rock this ensemble!)


As for myself, I found 2 images that represent my perfect slip dresses outfits: simple and not overwhelmed with accessories.




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