8×8 jewelry. New in

I have already introduce you to my new hobby HERE and HERE. It is something that keeps me busy during the late evenings and long weekends. I am personally very much convinced that the right hobby can make your life so much better. 8×8 jewelry is making me happy every time I’m DIYing. I do not follow any trends, but I always create something that I would wear myself.  Here are my new creations and some customer favorite come backs!


golubaya0062 golubaya0068 golubaya0069 golubaya0073 golubaya0074 golubaya0080 golubaya0081 golubaya0084 golubaya0086 golubaya0087 golubaya0090 golubaya0092 golubaya0093 golubaya0098 golubaya0100 golubaya0104 golubaya0108 golubaya0118 golubaya0123 golubaya0130 golubaya0133 golubaya0134 golubaya0136

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Photos by Mike Beloglazoff

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