Alexandre Vauthier S 2017 READY-TO-WEAR

French can definitely do it better!!! Alexandre Vauthier Spring 2017 RTW is actually one of the best collections I’ve seen lately. ┬áIt’s relaxed, it’s sexy, it’s flattering and it’s so 80’s!!! I already see Bella Hadid, Rita or Beyonce rocking one of those outfits. The collection itself is a great contrast between comfort and sexuality. Sequined gowns, oversized jackets, cropped tops, killer accessories – this collections feels perfect for millennials who are not afraid to experiment and be bold! What’s your favourite ensemble?


01-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 02-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 03-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 04-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 05-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 06-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 07-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 08-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 09-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 10-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 11-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 12-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 13-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 14-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 15-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 16-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 17-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 18-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 19-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 20-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 21-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 22-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw 23-alexandre-vauthier-2017-rtw

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