Stay warm with shearling coat

What I hate the most about winter is the necessity to put on layers and layers of clothes in order to stay warm. I’m so tired to feel like a cabbage! Seems that women have only two options: be fabulous and get sick or wear bazillion layer of clothes and feel warm. ┬áSo for the last years I’ve been searching for the perfect shearling coat as it seems to be the only option to keep you warm without hundreds of inner layers. (P.S. Unfortunately I haven’t found one YET). I started to browse through hundreds of streets style photos and dozens of taobao shops looking for the shearling coat. So much inspiration!


What I like about shearling coats is that they go well with literally everything. You will be able to find a perfect shearling coat for every style imaginable: be classy, be bohemian, be casual, be sporty.

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If I could afford any coat I like, I would definitely choose between these five:


Acne shearling jackets are among my favourites. Each one would be a perfect statement piece. And if I had one, I would definitely wear it with sequins … in winter … YES! YES! YES! Large sequins for everyday look in winter!


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