I want

It is totally time for January’s wants and desires. Though my 2017 will be less about talks and more about actions, it is never a bad time to dream:) Dream and let your dreams come true! January inspiration will be all about challenges, travels and colour preferences

1.I want …. skirts over pants, dresses over pants, long shirts over pants …just because it is cool… full stop.

2. I want … well the techniques of cat eye make-up are a mystery to me. Every time I attempt to draw something on my eyes, it looks like child’s doodles.

3. I want … nooo…I actually require a major everyday bling, because sequins have to be proclaimed a must-have of every working outfit.

4. I want … to master the art of wearing head scarves.

5. I want … to go to Cuba for an awesome salsa vacation: drink mojitos, dance salsa and chill!!!!

6. I want … a big round watch

7. I want …1970’s to come back (only fashion wise though). It was such a fun decade when it comes to style!


8. I want … super bright fluffy faux fur jacket to make my winter days a little more fun!

9. I want … more beige and grey colours around me. Frankly speaking, my views on interior design changed drastically! Now I can’t sleep well on colourful and bright bed sheets.

10. I want … to wake up with a view like this.


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