Today’s inspiration. Tim Walker

Tim Walker is not just the greatest photographer ever, he is a true magician! Each and every photograph taken by Tim is like a short trip to a land full of giants and mermaids, fairies and princesses… Tim Walker is, without any doubts, one of the most creative photographers nowadays and I’m truly delighted to have a chance to look at the world through Tim’s eyes.

For those who doesn’t know,Tim Walker is a British fashion photographer whose works are regularly seen on the pages of Vogue, W Magazine and LOVE Magazine.  Tim’s editorials are not focused on trends and clothes, with his every photo, Tim brings our dreams a little closer to reality.  “I’m not motivated by the wheel of fashion and commerce,” he says.  Tim has his own very recognizable style and you will never miss his photographs.

Here I chose for you my favourite photographs taken by Tim Walker ( which was very hard )so get ready to take a trip to a Fairyland!!!! Enjoy!!!

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