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Whit Spring 2017

When everybody is speaking about Oscars,  I will introduce you super girly collection that will inspire you to wear feminine looks this spring and summer – Whit Spring 2017. Whitney Pozgay’s collections are all full of interesting prints and Spring 2017 is not an exception. You will find a lot of midi skirts and dresses, ruffles and volume, stripes and floral – this collection is everything you need for a perfect spring!! Which one is your favourite piece? I will definitely take couple of those looks as an inspiration when visiting my tailor.


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The best trend

We see the new trend every single season. Some of them are interesting and fresh but some of them are just soooooo boring! As you all know, I highly disrespect the trends that fashion industry is telling us to wear though I must admit that I admire trends are brought to us from the previous decades. It is simply amazing to watch them being reincarnated in the conditions of fast-changing society. If I had to choose among all the trends presented in the last years. I would definitely pick colour blocking  as it is fashion God’s gift to all of us. I’m always super excited to see bright colour combinations on the streets. So, what is the best trend in your point of view?

Today’s inspiration. Dovima

Dorothy Virginia Margaret Juba who is also known as Dorothy Horan was one of the most prominent model during 50’s. Best known as Dovima, she captivated hearts and minds of the best designers and photographers of that decade. She had it all: grace, beauty, elegance, aristocratic posture and BEAUTY…have I already mentioned it?? As  Richard Avedon once said that Dovima was “the most remarkable and unconventional beauty of her time” and I can’t agree more. She was one of the high-paid (if not the highest) models in 50’s and was admired by millions. Dovima ended her career in 1962 at the age of 35 years as she didn’t want “didn’t want to wait until the camera turned cruel.”

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Johanna Ortiz Resort 2017

I must confess that I’m literally in love with every single item ever created by Johanna Ortiz. I’ve started to follow the development of this brand about 3 seasons ago and with every collection I see flawless perfection in cut, fabrics and silhouettes. Colombian designer creates extremely beautiful  pieces which are a true celebration of femininity. Johanna’s collections are a perfect mix of voluminous ruffles and perfectly cut silhouettes. Johanna Ortiz Resort 2017 dazzles with its elegant and flattering shapes. Without further ado, let’s enjoy the breathtaking collection.

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I heart Sorel

Admit that it is very challenging to look decent when it is freezing outside. You always end up choosing something one: looking stylish or staying warm. Well, I still prefer my health over the fashion and style but I found a compromise and it’s name is Sorel. Sorel is Canadian brand that was found in 1962 and it, without any doubts, creates the best winter boots for every taste.

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