Fishnet and denim: yes or no

That awkward moment when the new trend is on the rise but you can’t wait for it to disappear. Fishnet and denim…..what do you say?

Denim and fishnet appear to live in a harmony on numerous street style photos and there seem to be various ways to pull it off:

  1. Ripped jeans with fishnet stockings underneath (which I can easily tolerate)

2. Fishnet stockings with denim shorts or skirts (which with the right styling can look quite interesting)

3. Fishent socks with jeans (which doesn’t really make sense to me)

4. And then there are fishnet stockings peeking over the jeans. The success of this trend with the fashion masses is still a mystery to me. And what is interesting, this trend has been sweeping celebrities and fashion  worldwide.


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