Monthly Archives: February 2017

80’s fashion nostalgia

Have you ever thought that 80’s fashion was someone’s joke? 80’s were full of neon colours, shoulder pads, a lot of denim, baggy clothes and exaggerated details. Well, everything was over the top and bold, everything required colour and volume: make-up, accessories, clothes and hair.  I have my favourite 80’s trends (colour blocking, high waist pants, over-sized tops) and very excited to re-wear them nowadays , however I’m really happy that most of them are gone. Designers attempt to reincarnate 80’s from season to season and I must say I like the mix of the trends from the different decades. Anyway, no matter if you like 80’s fashion or not, it will have its place in our hearts forever. Get ready for more forgotten 80’s trends brought back to live!!!

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Girl of the month. Paola Mathe

It is more than exciting to find a really unique and trend-less blogger and Paola Mathe is for sure one of those few. She is a person behind Fanm Djamn – a brand creating headwraps to empower women all over the world.  Haitian native, Paola is now residing in New York and living her dream: sharing the colours with the world. As Paola said: “Yeah, I feel naked without color — I use it to express myself.” Paola’s outfits are beyond colourful and found a lot of fans among fashionistas all over the world. So, dear Paola, please don’t change and keep on inspiring women to be true to themselves.

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