Think pink!

I think that pink colour has been unfairly booed for so long time and the reason is glamorous 2000s. Yes, we all have those painful memories about celebrities pink red carpet looks. But thanks God that time is over and in the last years fashionistas all over the world add more and more pink to their outfits.

There are hundreds of  street style photos to get inspired from and, well, who knew there are so many gorgeous shades of pink to choose from …


My personal favourite is Bacon Pink:))) And I already have dozen of ideas on how to incorporate it in my pink outfit.

Fashionistas all over the globe are saying a loud “YES” to all shades of pink in their outfits and I chose for you my top favourite looks from the web. Here they are?

More than that I’m 100% ready to rock a monochrome pink look. My perfect “pink” look will look exactly like this: feminine and sophisticated. So, ladies, think pink and create classy and elegant, romantic and girly, casual and dramatic looks. Let’s all say “YES” to pink!!!

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