My favorites from F/W 2017-2018

I’m finally back after being super lazy!!!! Well, we all can afford it from time to time, right? In the midst of the hellish summer in Shanghai with the temperatures exceeding 40C I’m actually able to think about upcoming autumn. If in summer we all try to wear as less as possible, autumn, on the other hand, gives us a lot of opportunities to DRESS UP!!! I’m very excited for everything that the upcoming season has to bring us and I am even more excited to see people incorporating the latest trends into life. I’m not a very big of trends myself but F/W 2017-2018 runaway shows gave me a lot of food for thinking and ideas for my future outfits. So here are the trends that I will wear when the cold weather kicks in:

  1. Over-sized sweaters because they look effortlessly cool (just don’t go overboard with it:) )

2. Bright colors because you will need to brighten your days during dull autumn and winter days.

3. Belted jackets and coats because you need one more way to show off your awesome waist.

4. Ruffles because they remind us of summer:)

5. Capes because they are a perfect alternative to parkas and coats we all are used to wear.

6. Floating feminine silhouettes because we want to try to look nice even when the weather lets us down.


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