Carrie Bradshaw apartment or my dream place.

Looks familiar? Yes, yes, you are right, this is the place where one of the most inspirational TV characters lived РCarrie Bradshaw apartment.

We not only followed Carrie’s love story and got inspired by her outfits, but also got amazed by her cute and cozy apartment. It might be even considered one of the characters of SATC.

Warm colour palette, a lot of small details and cozy atmosphere make this apartment a dream come true (well, at least for me). It looks lived-in and makes you want to sit on that chair at the window and start creating.

And that closet!!!! Don’t tell me you didn’t dream about having the same, especially filled with Carrie’s clothes and accessories.

Carrie’s apartment got a major make-over in SATC movies and became more vibrant and trendy.

I like the mix of patterns in the interior.

You definitely won’t want to wear sweats and T-shirts in a place like this!

I swear that Carrie’s apartment in the series reminds me of her style – vintage vibe, statement accessories and creative vibe.

Which apartment do you prefer – the one in the series or in the movie? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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