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Smart dressing or What I have in common with Olivia Wilde.

You might think that it is difficult to see any things in common between me and Olivia Wilde but they do exist, well, at least one. We have the same body type. As Olivia once said: “I have the torso of a tall woman and the lower body of a short woman.” plus short legs…


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Last 20 years of the Oscars fashion


I’m the one of the millions of people waiting every year for Oscars Academy Awards to see red carpet arrivals and to examine star’s outfits. Will Leo get his Oscar this year? Will Jennifer Lawrence wear Dior again? Who will be on a best dressed list? We will find answers to this questions exactly on February 28th.For now, me, as a huge fan of different top lists, chose my favourite dresses over the last 20 years. Which one is your favourite?

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Girl of the month. Taylor Swift

First post of year 2016 is going to be about this month’s style inspiration – Taylor Swift. She is not only the music genius of our generation but also a greatest fashion inspiration of fashionistas all over the world. Taylor has this amazing vintage vibe in her outfits that really stands out among other celebrities nowadays.  No one wears vintage inspired items as effortlessly chic as Taylor.  I wish I could rock those cute floral dresses and A-line short skirts like Taylor, but…well… I’m missing just one thing….those perfect endless legs. So, I just keep admiring Taylor’s style and get inspired by it!

XOXO from Shanghai

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50 and fabulous

Sarah Jessica Parker turned 50… and she is more fabulous than ever! Just couple of days ago I finished re-watching Sex and the City and I can’t stop thinking how intellectually sexual Sarah is. Playing Carrie made Sarah a true fashion icon and no one can argue with that. I literally can describe each and every Carrie’s outfit even with my eyes closed! But today let’s talk about Sarah’s everyday style.  She is effortlessly cool, she prefers comfort over stylishness and looks simply adorable. But nevertheless Sarah always shines on red carpet events.  And my next post will be definitely about most memorable Sarah’s red carpet moments, but for now let’s look at her everyday looks. What do you say?



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B-A-N-A-N-A-S or why Rachel Zoe is my major inspiration

She loves maxi, sequins, high heels, bold accessories and vintage. And frankly speaking no one wears bohemian style like Rachel Zoe and ,definitely, no one owns as many vintage accessories as Rachel. Her each and every look worth examining it with magnifying glass. No matter if it is a red carpet event or work day, Rachel always looks MAJ!!! I leraned from Rachel that we shouldn’t be afraid to follow our desires and likes and if you like prints, you should wear them. if you prefer maxi over mini, then go for it! I already wrote about Rachel  HERE. Take a look. Anyway, my dears, get inspired and don’t forget “Confidence. If you have it, you can make anything look good” Rachel Zoe

PicMonkey Collage111


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