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My favorites from F/W 2017-2018

I’m finally back after being super lazy!!!! Well, we all can afford it from time to time, right? In the midst of the hellish summer in Shanghai with the temperatures exceeding 40C I’m actually able to think about upcoming autumn. If in summer we all try to wear as less as possible, autumn, on the other hand, gives us a lot of opportunities to DRESS UP!!! I’m very excited for everything that the upcoming season has to bring us and I am even more excited to see people incorporating the latest trends into life. I’m not a very big of trends myself but F/W 2017-2018 runaway shows gave me a lot of food for thinking and ideas for my future outfits. So here are the trends that I will wear when the cold weather kicks in:

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Think pink!

I think that pink colour has been unfairly booed for so long time and the reason is glamorous 2000s. Yes, we all have those painful memories about celebrities pink red carpet looks. But thanks God that time is over and in the last years fashionistas all over the world add more and more pink to their outfits.

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Girl of the month. Haley Boyd

Haley Boyd is my latest style inspiration. The girl with the perfect style where retro meets glam is more than just a fashion enthusiast, Haley is a founder of Marais shoe brand (which I highly adore). She does a great job at creating shoes that look perfect with almost everything and Haley is a perfect ambassador to her brand and you can see Marais shoes in most of her outfits. I like Hayley’s style for being feminine and wearable. She manages to make a statement without looking like a fool (like a lot of people in fashion somehow do). Without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, Haley Boyd!!!

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Today’s inspiration. Blue and green

It is spring and to my greatest fascinations our streets are getting filled with bright colours and the most crazy colour combinations. People seem to come out of winter hibernation with a major colour deficiency so they are not afraid to ditch blacks and grays for the brights!!!  My latest colour inspiration – blue and green. This combo is so refreshing that I’m trying to wear it almost every day. There are so many shades of blue and green and there are dozens of variations. I’m personally in favor of malachite green and indigo blue (yes, I like bright colours).

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Mix and match

What is your opinion about mixing and matching different styles in one outfit? I’m totally in for mix and match experiments and I have two styles that I’m particularly fond of mixing . I love pairing girly floating dresses with heavy masculine boots. As a perfect example I would wear Suno floral midi dress on the top of the turtleneck, add Roberto Cavalli shearling coat and bold  Alexander McQueen ankle boots. If you give me the right bucket bag, I would be probably be able to turn the world upside down in this outfit!

Another favourite mix and match style is wearing feminine cocktail cami dresses and leather biker jackets. Though I’m sure that those two items were created to co-exist in perfect harmony.