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Today’s inspiration. Tim Walker

Tim Walker is not just the greatest photographer ever, he is a true magician! Each and every photograph taken by Tim is like a short trip to a land full of giants and mermaids, fairies and princesses… Tim Walker is, without any doubts, one of the most creative photographers nowadays and I’m truly delighted to have a chance to look at the world through Tim’s eyes.

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Today’s inspiration. Gold

I’m obsessed with this colour. Colour gold is the happiest of them all, it shines brighter that sun, it attracts people’s attantion without any particular reason. This colour is perfect for everything: make-up, clothes, accessories. Admit, that at least once in your life, you rocked gold! Well, I did – I clearly remember my excitement from wearing a gold top I’ve bought for my first salary. It was fabulous! And from that time have started my affair with this colour. Even if you don’t feel that enthusiastic about it now, I’m sure you will. Get inspired and and don’t be afraid of fashion experiments!!!

XOXO from Shanghai

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Velvet inspiration.

Somehow I have been always thinking that velvet is only perfect for curtains in theaters and there is no place for this fabric on the streets. But turns out, I was very wrong! During Fall/Winter 2016 runaway shows designers convinced us that velvet can be incorporated into our daily lives. More than that, fashionistas from all over the world showed how to rock velvet, whether it’s a dress, bag, top or a pair of perfect shoes.


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Today’s inspiration. Indoor plants

Today I’m over inspired by any interiors filled with plants. The reason might be that I’m not able to grow anything at home (I just keep killing them all over again) and I’m super jealous of people who have green at their homes. There are a lot of health benefits of having indoor plants, but first of all they are an incredible interior part that is able to promote positive energy.  So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired and add greens to your place!

Today's inspiration- Indoor plants

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