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Mood board

Changes ahead: I decided to evolve my “I want” monthly posts into something more personal and less defining. Starting from now I will share my monthly mood boards where I place everything that inspires me. Mood board seems to be a perfect way to look for inspiration and keep it together. So, here we go:

Today’s mood board is about THE woman: she is strong, confident but also isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and sensitive. She is busy and manages to run her errands in style but she doesn’t forget to stop and enjoy the moment. She doesn’t need labels as she doesn’t like to be defined as “classy”, “casual”, “feminine”. Today I’m inspired by all the women who express themselves through fashion!

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Girl of the month. Haley Boyd

Haley Boyd is my latest style inspiration. The girl with the perfect style where retro meets glam is more than just a fashion enthusiast, Haley is a founder of Marais shoe brand (which I highly adore). She does a great job at creating shoes that look perfect with almost everything and Haley is a perfect ambassador to her brand and you can see Marais shoes in most of her outfits. I like Hayley’s style for being feminine and wearable. She manages to make a statement without looking like a fool (like a lot of people in fashion somehow do). Without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, Haley Boyd!!!

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Today’s inspiration. Tim Walker

Tim Walker is not just the greatest photographer ever, he is a true magician! Each and every photograph taken by Tim is like a short trip to a land full of giants and mermaids, fairies and princesses… Tim Walker is, without any doubts, one of the most creative photographers nowadays and I’m truly delighted to have a chance to look at the world through Tim’s eyes.

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Today’s inspiration. Gold

I’m obsessed with this colour. Colour gold is the happiest of them all, it shines brighter that sun, it attracts people’s attantion without any particular reason. This colour is perfect for everything: make-up, clothes, accessories. Admit, that at least once in your life, you rocked gold! Well, I did – I clearly remember my excitement from wearing a gold top I’ve bought for my first salary. It was fabulous! And from that time have started my affair with this colour. Even if you don’t feel that enthusiastic about it now, I’m sure you will. Get inspired and and don’t be afraid of fashion experiments!!!

XOXO from Shanghai

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