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No secret that kimonos are my huge love. If I could, I would wear them everywhere! I currently owe 3 kimonos and definitely won’t stop, I want them in all shapes ans colours:) My favourite ensemble to complete the kimono is wide-leg pants, simple top and heels. I wear my each and every kimono as a statement piece so usually don’t overwhelm the looks with a lot of accessories.  In this look: H&M pants, vintage kimono from Shanghai Anxi market, vintage clutch from Bangkok, belt from Mango and Dolce Vita heels. Do you wear kimonos and what is your favorite piece of clothing?

XOXO from Shanghai


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Kimono and culottes.

As you probably know I am a big fan of kimonos. The thing is that they add an irresistible twist to every look. I would definitely say that kimono is an essential part of my wardrobe, well, at least lately. I wear them with jeans, skirts, shorts; incorporate kimono in romantic, classic, casual, evening looks! Kimonos are so fun and versatile! This time I decided to complete the look with Mango culottes, Ms. Min belt, small bucket bag from one of taobao shops and Dolce Vita pumps.



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Vintage kimono

As I always say I’m totally opened for new opportunities and changes. And living in Asia, sooner or later, I just had to insert Asian accents into my wardrobe. This vintage kimono is the first step in this direction and my way to say YES to ethnic vibes from Japan. Well, it’s a very sophisticated item, so choosing an occasion to put it on and styling it will be challenging, but I’m gladly accept it :)) For the first time I completed it with vintage purse from Bangkok Chatuchak market, Mango heels and Ms. Min bow belt.

Do you include ethnic items in your wardrobe? And which are your favourite styles to play with?

XOXO from Shanghai

PicMonkey Collage3

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Picca Dilly dress

Feeling romantic today. Actually it was one of those days when you don’t want to leave your apartment…just to stay on the sofa for the whole day, read books about love and drink tea with ginger. Haha…it didn’t happen this way, I spent a day visiting my friends in Suzhou Creek (somehow I start loving that district!!!). At least I decided to express my mood in the clothes I wear: my super comfy Picca Dilly dress, super cute but not so comfy espadrille wedge sandals from Korea and bucket bag from local brand. What can I say, a day with friends is always a great day!!!



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