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Girl of the month. Ursina Gysi

Let me introduce you the girl ahead of the world’s fashion trends.  If you want to see what It girls are going to wear next season and what trends are going to pop out, look at Ursina Gysi. As named by Vogue “possibly the most legit street style star around”, Ursina will turn your fashion views upside down.  I’m taking out my active wear pants out of shady shelves of my closet and ,geez, I feel like rocking wide leg pants every single day. Ursina is a fashion editor, stylist and a model; she always stands out from the fashion crowd and does it in the most unpredictable way ever. Ursina, originally from Switzerland, is now located in Paris where she spends most of her time. When it comes to shopping, Ursina admits to be a calm shopper who is being able to hunt for special finds rather than spend money on latest designer items. It is very hard to define her style in one or even three words, Ursina is one of a kind, she is unexpected and quirky! Enough of words, let’s look at Ursina’s street style and get inspired!!!

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In shoes we trust

This world is full of shoes – fabulous and gorgeous shoes; shoes that make us happy and save us; shoes that lighten our days. I often think about shoes as about art masterpieces. I like to look at shoes and even though I can’t afford all the shoes that I want, I can just get inspired and dream…. At the moment when I see a pair of shoes that I like – my heart starts to beat faster and my brain begins to process all the images of the possible outfits that I can complete with this pair of shoes. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I admit, I’m a shoes-a-holic!!! So let’s get inspired by the exquisite street style photos and prepare a pair of gorgeous shoes for tomorrow!


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Girl of the month. Sofia Sanchez de Betak

Sofia Sanchez de Betak is a woman of many tealents: she is a fashion consultant, art director, devoted traveller and a designer. I think every person that works in a fashion industry for a long time, decides to put their own ideas and designs into life. Sofia opened her own ecommerce shop  which you can check HERE. More than that Sophia is a street style star and is always featured in all major fashion magazines. Somehow Sofia really reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw, she radites this everlasting fashion statement vibe. She can’t stay unnoticed on the street and I truly consider Sofia to be a fashion role model.  Let’s enjoy and get inspired!


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Girl of the month. Charlotte Groeneveld

Charlotte Groeneveld is our girl of the month. She seems to know very well what suits her and always manages to create exceptional looks. She is a mother of two adorable children, a wife,  businesswoman and a star of the major fashion chronicles.  Charlotte is a person behind a very successful blog I always visit this web-site to look for an inspiration for my next outfit and to read the most interesting fashion news. Charlotte can be rightfully considered to have a title “Chloe girl” as I don’t know any other lady who looks as effortlessly glamorous as Charlotte Groeneveld. But enough words, let’s get inspired!


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Pleated skirts.

Here is my story: when I was in middle school my parents got me a cute pleated black polka dot skirt. I looked at it and …..I fell in love with it from the first sight! I loved the pleats and the print so much that I simply couldn’t get enough of the new purchase. But somehow after the very short period of time the skirt lost it’s original shape and the pleats started to look very miserable which was devastating for me at that time. Since then I have bought ZERO pleated items and I simply stopped paying attention to them … until now! My new pretty pleated dress from Asos returned my faith in pleated clothing items again and I can’t be more excited! Now I turned my attention to pleated skirts and looking for the perfect one! Pleated skirts are really fun to style: first of all they are suitable for every season (unless it’s -30C outside) and for almost every occasion! Ladies, let’s get inspired!


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