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Girl of the month. Linda Tol

Linda Tol is not my usual sweet-effortlessly-romantic-feminine girl of the month. She stands out from the crowd with her platinum blond hair and edgy androgynous style.  Linda is Amsterdam based fashion blogger,  trend watcher for L’oreal Paris and a creator of (which, by the way, I strongly recommend to visit). She is unpredictable and you never know what outfit Linda will rock next time but be sure it’s going to be something sophisticated and creative! I personally adore Linda for not following trends blindly and staying true to her style.


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Girl of the month. Jenna Lyons

She will inspire you to rock sequins in the daytime and mix prints and patterns, experiment and take risks! Jenna Lyons is a person who turned J Crew into a cult brand. She brought style and creativity to the brand though I wouldn’t comment on quality or prices… Today we are talking about Jenna’s style. Wearing cargo pants with heels, leopard and floral prints, nerdy glasses and tuxedos… Jenna can pull off anything!  I love boy/girl vibe that Jenna has in a lot of her outfits, now I’ve been itching to add an androgynous element to my wardrobe. So, look and enjoy!


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Girl of the month. Pandora Sykes

Pandora Sykes is a real fashion guru. You ask it, she knows it. Pandora is a fashion editor, columnist and a free fashion spirit. Based in London and doing a lot of freelance writing, Pandora inspires people all over the world. She doesn’t aim to have IT bags or shoes, Pandora always looks unique and somehow manages to stay ahead of trends. And by the way, Pandora  is my biggest inspiration for 60’s and 70’s styled outfits. Anyway, it is great to discover people who do not want to look like everyone else. For more details go to



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Style crush: Caroline Sieber

Caroline Sieber is a true fashion aesthete with a fresh eye on fashion. Her unique and (I’m not afraid to say it) perfect looks always end up in best-dressed lists. No wonder! If you are struggling with ideas on how to bring the newest fashion trend into life, look at Caroline, she surely already did it in a best way! Not to mention that she was styling Emma Watson and Emma, in my point of view, is one of the most stylish celebrities of young generation.

For more inspiration check Caroline’s Instagram account 

XOXO! From Shanghai with love


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Girl of the month. Leaf Greener

She is a fan of bold and quirky outfits, Leaf Greener seem to be a real fashion rules breaker and that is why I love her style. She is a stylist, founder of, former Elle China senior editor and more than that, Leaf Greener is a person who brings a colourful and modern vibe to Chinese fashion stage. She has been interested in fashion since her childhood, so no wonder that Leaf Green decided to get a fashion education in Beijing. Greener joined Elle China in 2008, now it’s 2014 and she has an impressive experience working for different fashion publications and also working as a freelance stylist.

I love her style for always being different, for crazy mix-n-match combinations, for her sunnies and hats. Leaf Greener is just a brilliant dresser!!!


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