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Carrie’s most memorable outfits

Winter isn’t  always bringing the best in me! Even though it’s hard to complain with Shanghai mild winters, I still become lazy and just don’t want to leave my comfy nest and drink too much mulled wine. But it also means that I have much time to research about everything that inspires me. This time it is “Sex and the City”.

“Sex and the City” is without any doubt my biggest source of inspiration ever coming out of TV. And Carrie Bradshaw became  a true fashion icon for thousands of women. With six seasons and two movies we now have dozens of looks to examine and get inspired to create our own unforgettable sophisticated style.

I couldn’t resist to create my own list of Carrie Bradshaw’s most memorable and inspirational looks.

PicMonkey Collagei

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She has an aristocratic blood and is perfect example of true Parisian effortless chic and has been Karl Lagerfeld’s muse in 80’s. She published a book “Parisian Chic: Style guide” and created A/W 2014 collection for Uniqlo. Who is she?


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Girl of the month. Blair Eadie

Blair is one of my biggest fashion inspirations ever. Every time so different, but always true to her style, Blair manages to create posh but somehow laid-back looks all the time. She is my queen of prints and accessories! I stopped reading a lot of fashion blogs as with the time they became too hmmm… fancy and less inspirational. I don’t want to see endless high fashion brands, I need something I can use in an everyday life!!! Blair on the other hand seems to have an everlasting source of great ideas. Thumbs up!


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Style inspiration. Catherine Baba

She is THE Stylist, yes… Catherine is simply incredible. She is my perfect example of glamorous Hollywood style of last century and avant-grand wardrobe. Catherine is considered to be one of the most influential stylists in the world with a perfect and unique views on fashion. Catherine Baba was born in Australia and relocated to Paris around 19 years ago to study fashion. Since then she has been an important person on the world’s fashion radar.

In her style, Catherine lives in 30s, she breathes that decade and as she said that is her favourite period. She was never afraid of fashion experiments and as Catherine said in one of the interviews; “When I arrived in Paris 18 years ago to study fashion I think I did shock a lot of people, and for me I was quite simple. ”

But enough words, let’s just watch and get inipired.

XOXO from Shanghai



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Girl of the month. Aurora Sansone

Aurora Sansone is so different: she is boyish and romantic, bold and feminine, sophisticated and simple. She is a fashion editor, stylist and truly Italian beauty. Aurora works in Vogue Nippon and often seen with Anna Dello Russo. It is a pity Anna always steals the show as Aurora has a great style and she can pull together unbelievable outfits. She likes flats and romantic vintage-ish dresses but at the same time Aurora has a note of masculinity in her outfits. Personally I got inspired by Aurora’s maxi dress/sandals looks for this summer.


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