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Never say never!

I do have fashion taboos. I would never wear leather leggings, socks with sandals, UGGs or clothes that do not fit and so many more.  Do you have anything you swear not to wear under any circumstances? But with my whole agenda about trying new things, I’m considering stepping out of my comfort zone and give it a try! I realised I’ve never worn leather shorts as considered them tacky; culottes as was sure they won’t fit my shape and peep toe booties as thought that the whole idea is just strange (why on the Earth do we need holes there?) And now I’m totally ready to rock those items. I’m actually sure every item, no matter how old fashioned or strange it is, can be styled smartly! So, speaking about leather shorts, culottes and peep toe booties, here are my perfect outfits:


The power of red

I have always considered red to be very powerful colour. And more than that I’m afraid to wear it. Wearing red means making a statement and being noticed and somehow I always try to avoid it. Though this season I feel very inspired by all the street style photos so I will definitely add red to my daily life. Besides red is so fun to style and it combines well with so many colours. I guess my personal favourite combo will be navy blue and red, but I’m sure I will have more of them in the future. So I’m totally getting ready to rock red this season.

XOXO from Shanghai


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Girl of the month. Kamilya Kuspan

I first saw Kamilya on the pages of Sartorialist and got really obsessed with her style. She is a real Street Fashion royalty and is seen on all major street style blogs. Kamilya is from Kazakhstan but based in Paris. She describes her style as “bohemian, casual, chic, elegant, sporty, sweet, aggressive, hippy or just mix of everything”. Kamilya is not depending on trends and doesn’t let clothes dominate over her personality.

So, dear Kamilya, thank you for inspiring so many people! Don’t change and always stay true to yourself.


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Through the years

I think you will agree that Vogue Is a fashion bible. We read it from cover to cover, cut out the pictures to put on our mood boards, try to memorise all the information and new names. We are patiently waiting for the new issue and we are carefully storing our most favourite editions to re-read from time to time when we are seeking inspiration….at least me:) I mostly read US Vogue, but truly love editorials from Vogue Paris and read British Vogue from time to time. I loved loved loved the cover of US Vogue January 2015  with Sienna Miller! The first thought that came to me was “It’s so 70’s!!!”, then I searched what was the cover in 1975 – beautiful Lauren Hutton!!! So then it was just the matter of time to find covers of 1945, 1955, 1965, 1985, 1995 and 2005!



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Fashion dream

Have you ever had a fashion dream? I do have the particular one. I’ve been dreaming about opening a vintage store for so long, I even have it’s image in my head: big windows, but the store is kind of small and cosy, warm colours, big sofa for guests to relax and chat about fashion, vintage inspired mannequins and accessories hanging on the wall. It’s full of vintage treasures gathered around the world and fashion related literature. I will have evenings meetings with with my girls over a cup of tea, inviting interesting people and having exciting discussions. Dreams, dreams… but they do come true, right?