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Amazing Laos!

   My first   non-fashion post:))no trends, no fashion, no make-up…just adventure!

   I truly fell in love with this country! It is such a mix of pure nature, fun and adventure. I can say it was the most adventurous trip I’ve ever had…starting with getting stuck in the car in the middle of nowhere for 6 hours to falling to the river while kayaking:) 
   The first place we visited was small village Nam Tha, where we were tracking in the jungle with our amazing guide Kit, who told us so much about Laos, he also showed us how to make fire without lighter or matches! It was very educational!!! Tracking was very exhausting, but I’m so proud of myself that I was able to do it. Kit showed us small Lao village with two authentic tribes. It was so interesting to come inside their houses and see how they live.

   The second place was Luang Prabang, world heritage city. Cozy cafes near Mekong river, stunning temples, small gift shops and my favorite place in the whole city – Night Market:)……

Making dinner without any plates or pots in the middle of jungle

Woman of one of the Lao tribes

Cotton drying on the sun. Then women of the tribes make clothes by themselves.

Lao soda with lime

In the middle of nowhere…

Breakfast near Mekong river


 Night market


Small village

Trying zip-line for the first time:)

Adventure…and more adventure…

   I was dreaming to go to Laos for a while. And now I’m here, and I can tell you that I’m in love with this country!!! Food is delicious, people are nice, views are amazing! Today we did so many crazy things:)

   So now I’m having a rest from big city, crowds, even fashion and make-up:) and it feels great! Will post some photos when will be back in Shanghai. 

   Hope you guys are having a great time too!!!! Miss you all!