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The best autumn colour or some yellow inspiration.

When it’s grey and dull outside, when it’s rainy and you don’t want to go outside (but of course you have to), when nothing brings you joy but watching a movie wrapped in a quilt and drinking hot chocolate, give a chance to YELLOW! Nothing cheers me up like a bright pop of colour in a daily outfit. It’s quiet disappointing that the majority of the people choose dark colours for this dark season.  So why not to use some ideas from street style photos or even from the past:)

XOXO from Shanghai



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Dreamy Paris outfit

I dreamed about this day for so long: I’m exiting airport in Paris and here it is  – city of my dreams. I imagined the feeling when I see it for the first time, I imagined the weather, people, buildings, I even imagined how it is going to smell and of course what I’m going to wear. So I created this perfect outfit for autumn Paris: comfy, easy but yet sophisticated. And here we are: boyfriend jeans, striped top, comfy cardigan, loafers and bucket bag.

It didn’t really happen how I imagined. You know what…it was even better. But it is a story for another post or even two:)

XOXO from Shanghai


Throwback Thursday!

I just understood how I love autumn. And autumns in Shanghai are just perfect. I always try to enjoy every single day of nice weather, especially knowing that winter:( is coming and , oh man, I’m not a winter person. That is why I take every chance to dress up nicely. Found these photos with one of my favourite vintage dresses which I got at “Lolo love vintage”. Every time I put on this dress, I feel so feminine!!! Love love love vintage dresses, especially when you style them correctly.

Love you all. XOXO from Shanghai


DSC_3219 DSC_3279



Bright autumn

It is still kinda end of summer in Shanghai and I was actually wearing a sleeveless shirt today:) So I do have some time to get ready for autumn, get all my ideas together and do the smart shopping. Usually my autumn looks like this:

My fall colors are all shades of grey, blue and brown. Quiet boring actually! And I really admire people who choose bright colors for autumn, such an eye candy:) This season I decided to change my approach completely and be bright and unpredictable! 
*I’m going to start with a super bright eye-popping sweater which can be used to create so many looks. I got my eye on an amazing bright pink angora jumper from Topshop.
*As I usually stuck with skinny jeans and leggings during cold seasons, this year I want to try pants: cropped, wide leg, straight, ….a lot of styles to play with.
So, I want to be bright and feminine!!!!

Plans for autumn

 So keep talking about the inevitable coming of autumn…I really want to change my approach to fall’s wardrobe. I have so many things in my mind, so we will see if I can really manage to do it. 
I want a cape for a long enough, so this year I decided to go to tailor and get it made. Why not to buy? Simply because I didn’t see anything I like in affordable price. And I already can think about so many outfits to complete with a cape, first which comes into  my mind is casual lady-like: flared jeans, ankle boots and some cute sweater.

2. Bright coat
Definitely a must-have for autumn season. Actually it seems to me that a bright piece of clothing in dull autumn weather can simply make you day, so a yellow-sh/mustard coat can absolutely make us happier:) I fell in love with this Topshop coat, love at first sight as they say. And sweatshirt+boyfriend jeans+comfy shoes is a great outfit for grey autumns.

3. Be a lady
Somehow autumn seasons to me means staying comfy/jeans/leggings/oversized sweaters looks. And this is the thing I want to change this year. So this is how I imagine my future lady-like look: leather skirt, feminine blouse, ankle boots and belted tweed jacket.

4. Wedge booties
I admit that I’m not a real fan of high heels, but wedges is my true love. I feel more stable (if I can say it) wearing wedges. That is why this season I’m looking for my perfect pair of wedge booties.