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What if…??? (just dreaming)

As every person I like to dream and as every girl (I’m sure) I’m dreaming about shoes, 

bags, accessories, dresses and much more:)So I decided to dedicate this post to my dreams. If I had 1000000 dollars…I would definitely spend at least something for bags…… I’m not really into IT bags, so my choice will be something a little less recognisable, less trendy and more interesting and unique.

  Featuring Chloe, DVF, Emporio Armani, Celine, Coach, Prada, Rebecca Minkoff and more.

   All photos are courtesy of an amazing website pinterest.com

Natasha bag and more

It’s is quiet cool to have a bag made by famous designer in your honor. Of course I wish Natasha bag by Marc Jacobs (from Marc by Marc Jacobs)was called in my honor..:) But at least it’s pretty cool to have a bag with your name, don’t you think so??
So, all Natalies of the world, you can go to www.net-a-porter.com and find Natasha bag for your taste.

Natasha leather shoulder bag, £316.38

Natasha leather shoulder bag, £370.01

Natasha Petal to the Metal leather shoulder bag, £364.64

Actually Marc Jacobs is very generous for creating bags in someone’s honor. We already can see Stam bag, made in honor of famous model Jessica Stam.

BB bag, made in honor of fashion blogger Bryanboy

Rihanna bag