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Coffee paradise in Shanghai

For this whole week I have no coffee at home. I ordered a huge pack of my favourite coffee beans on Internet and I was waiting…So imagine this feeling when you wake up in the morning and, oh God, there is NOT even one coffee bean in the entire apartment. Then you, with your hands shaking and heart beating unevenly, start to think about the nearest decent place to buy coffee. And in Shanghai, with population of more than 20 million people, there is a huge amount¬†of great places to drink coffee. And “Cafe del Volcan” is definitely one of them. It is a teeny tiny place on Yonkang road with just couple of tables but great GREAT coffee. I went there in the afternoon and there were almost no people there, so it was a perfect time to enjoy a cup of cappuccino and a chocolate cake outside.

So for great coffee head to  80 Yongkang Lu.

XOXO from Shanghai


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