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Alicia Keys for Allure February issue

Thank you! THANK YOU! THAAAAAAANK YOOOOOU Allure for this amazing cover story. Alicia Keys is a great inspiration: talented, sincere, bright and undoubtedly stunning. Seeing (almost) make-up free and barely photoshoped  Alicia is like a fresh breath of air. Those photos remind me of the golden era of fashion photography – the 80’s, time with real super models and absence of Photoshop. Alicia rocks statement accessories and minimal but bright make-up. I like seeing the wrinkles and spots on her face, it is very pleasing to realize that there is a human being on the photo! For an inspirational story go HERE

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I want

It is totally time for January’s wants and desires. Though my 2017 will be less about talks and more about actions, it is never a bad time to dream:) Dream and let your dreams come true! January inspiration will be all about challenges, travels and colour preferences

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Colour inspiration. Blue and red

No matter what colours are trending , combo of blue and red is my personal favourite.  The combination of these two colours is very natural and it is very eye pleasing. Interior design, accessories, jewelry, outfits – these colours look great literally everywhere.


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Today’s inspiration. Slip dresses

Slip dresses stopped being just a part of nightwear a long time ago. Now they are a part of everyday fashion.  Nowadays fashionistas are showing creativity and we can see slip dresses looks completed with … well, everything you can imagine. Let’s take a peek!


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