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Angelica Cheung in 10 facts.
1. Angelica is a fashion jornalist and editor-in-chief of Vogue China.
2. She brought to China new standards of fashion journalism.
3. Miss Cheung started the era of “Vogue” in China in 2005 with the first issue in Septemer.
4. For the first issue of Chinese Vogue Angelica invited famous photographer Pat­rick Demarchelier and Carine Roitfeld, editor of French Vogue, as stylist.
5. Angelica’s style is really simple and reflects her lifestyle as a super busy business lady and mother.
6. She is proclaimed to be one of the most powerful women in fashion.
7. Angelica has her own view on Vogue China Even though I like fashion, I like to feel we are more of a woman’s magazine. We’re not just here to sell the clothes. Otherwise it’s difficult to keep that passion for long.
8. She supports new Chinese designers.
9. One of favorite Angelica’s Chinese designers is Huishan Zhang.
10. Angelica Cheung is a family person, she goes out not more than twice a week.

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From China with love 2…Ms MIN “Ballare”

I continue to introduce Chinese brands and designers. I really think that Chinese fashion scene is really underestimated by the rest of the world. There are a great amount of interesting and perspective brands. As I’ve been in China for almost 5 years I found out that the popular label “Made in China” has so many meanings. Now I prefer to buy Chinese brands and I started to follow how Chinese style and fashion is changing through years.
This time I want to show you my latest find and greatest inspiration Min Liu aka  “Ms. Min”. Her collections are so different but they are the same: so elegant and feminine. “Ballare” is the fourth collection created by Min Liu. This collection is truly outstanding: perfect cuts, fabulous silhouettes, amazing fabrics.
For more information go to msmin.com


From China with love!!

I found this amazing brand while looking for a bridesmaid’s dress for my friend’s wedding. I can’t imagine buying something in Zara or H&M for such an important event for me. So currently I’ve been busy with my research of independent Chinese designers. Chictopia is a label founded by Beijing born fashion designer Ching Yeung. S/S 2013 collection is so passionate and colorful so it’s caught my eye from the first view. I love the whole idea of this collection! The cut and prints are perfect. Cant’ believe Ching found this label when she was just 24.  Anyway I hope everything is going to be fine and I will be able to buy that “THE ONE” dress for my friend’s wedding!!

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Photo of the day. My perfect wedges for summer!

   What I love about shoes…and clothes..and bags..and everything …is when price, look and quality are in a perfect proportion. All these qualities I found in Singaporean brand Charles&Keith. I have a lot of great finds from there. These wedges are my last purchase from Charles&Keith and they definitely will be my number one wedges for this summer. 
Hope you are all doing great!!! Hugs and kisses from Shanghai!!

Another great find in Shanghai

While walking around Shanghai found another great place to shop. Boutique 205 is a place where you can find really nice pieces by Taiwanese designers. I fell in love with fabrics, colors, design…and prices! I bought there a fabulous sleeveless shirt with star-shaped studs.

So if you are lucky to be in Shanghai, go to Nanchang Rd. 205