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Today’s inspiration. Blue and green

It is spring and to my greatest fascinations our streets are getting filled with bright colours and the most crazy colour combinations. People seem to come out of winter hibernation with a major colour deficiency so they are not afraid to ditch blacks and grays for the brights!!!  My latest colour inspiration – blue and green. This combo is so refreshing that I’m trying to wear it almost every day. There are so many shades of blue and green and there are dozens of variations. I’m personally in favor of malachite green and indigo blue (yes, I like bright colours).

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Today’s inspiration. Pink and green

If you are looking for the cool colour combination to rock this season, then definitely go for pink and green. Whether you are thinking about interior design, event decor or new outfit ideas – the combination of pink and green works everywhere.  This colour combo looks very refreshing and juicy. I personally prefer to mix forest green and blush pink, but if you are a fan of bright shades, then your choice would contain emerald or lime green and fuchsia or bright pink! Enough words – get inspired and create!

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