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I want

I was looking through all my “I want” posts and it just occurred to me that many of the wishes actually came true! It is unbelievably pleasant to realise that my every month wishlist is helping me to step closer to my dreams or just small desires:) I have this feeling that 2015 will be very challenging but rewarding year, but for now here are my wishes…

PicMonkey Collage

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About talents, fortune and failures… (edited)

I admire people who can create something beautiful. Not just designers, but ordinary people who can make something: sew, knit, make bags or jewellery. I tried once…but my miserable attempts to make a blouse finished with fiasco:( That piece of fabrics even didn’t look like something a person can wear. It was in high school and since then I decided that my destiny is to buy clothes, admire them, look at them, talk about them, but not to make them!!!
    I guess when God was giving all the talents, I was at the end of queue. But for those who can actually make something, check this out for new ideas.

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