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Bright autumn

It is still kinda end of summer in Shanghai and I was actually wearing a sleeveless shirt today:) So I do have some time to get ready for autumn, get all my ideas together and do the smart shopping. Usually my autumn looks like this:

My fall colors are all shades of grey, blue and brown. Quiet boring actually! And I really admire people who choose bright colors for autumn, such an eye candy:) This season I decided to change my approach completely and be bright and unpredictable! 
*I’m going to start with a super bright eye-popping sweater which can be used to create so many looks. I got my eye on an amazing bright pink angora jumper from Topshop.
*As I usually stuck with skinny jeans and leggings during cold seasons, this year I want to try pants: cropped, wide leg, straight, ….a lot of styles to play with.
So, I want to be bright and feminine!!!!

"Esprit Dior" in Shanghai

Without any doubts I can say that it was one of the best exhibitions I’ve ever attended. It is dedicated to maestro Christian Dior and his masterpieces and plus later creations of this fashion house. The earliest creation I noticed is from 1947 as well as latest Haute Couture gowns worn by celebrities, this exhibition just shows us a journey of Dior through the years. You can also see the process of creation of Dior cosmetics on the little screens on the walls and 
   It is hard to explain, but this exhibition was magical: that atmosphere, those legendary pieces of clothing, amazing fabrics and silhouettes, sketches, decorations…. I took nearly 100 photos, and believe me it wasn’t enough!
   If you are in Shanghai till the early November, find couple of hours and go to the Museum of Contemporary Art on Nanjing rd. 231. You won’t regret it! 

Style inspiration…Linda Rodin.

   Classy with aristocratic vibe…this is all Linda Rodin. Founder of Rodin Olio Lusso skincare, fashion stylist and simply a Woman with an exquisite sense of style.  Ageing  beautifully is a truly complicated science…or art, but Linda got it all!  I can’t give any comments about Linda’s skincare line, but speaking about  her style gives me a lot of inspiration. Linda, in her 60’s somehow manages to work her outfits in a way that no one can, you see her and you never forget her:) and plus photos of Linda’s vintage heaven apartment are attached! Oh God I would love to explore that divine place:)
Photos from thecoveteur.com, refinery29.com, pinterest.com

Style inspiration…fashion bloggers (Lovely Pepa)

I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard about Alexandra and her very inspirational blog www.lovely-pepa.com
or at least you saw her looks in magazines or streets style photos. I’m really inspired by Alexandra’s style, because of one reason – it’s wearable!!!! Unlike other bloggers, Alexandra styles her looks with affordable clothes and accessories. If I want to see Dior, Chanel, Celine, LV, …..looks I can just browse through celebrities photos. When I’m following fashion blogger’s style I can see something that I can apply in a real life.
Alexandra is sharing with us her passion for fashion, travelling, photography and animals and by the way Alexandra’s french bulldog Pepa is another character in her blog..very cute one:)
By the way, except of being a fashion blogger and enthusiastic, Alexandra designs shoes in collaboration with fashion brand Krack. You can see everything here
What do you say?


Photos from lovely-pepa.com