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Girl of the month. Haley Boyd

Haley Boyd is my latest style inspiration. The girl with the perfect style where retro meets glam is more than just a fashion enthusiast, Haley is a founder of Marais shoe brand (which I highly adore). She does a great job at creating shoes that look perfect with almost everything and Haley is a perfect ambassador to her brand and you can see Marais shoes in most of her outfits. I like Hayley’s style for being feminine and wearable. She manages to make a statement without looking like a fool (like a lot of people in fashion somehow do). Without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, Haley Boyd!!!

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No secret that kimonos are my huge love. If I could, I would wear them everywhere! I currently owe 3 kimonos and definitely won’t stop, I want them in all shapes ans colours:) My favourite ensemble to complete the kimono is wide-leg pants, simple top and heels. I wear my each and every kimono as a statement piece so usually don’t overwhelm the looks with a lot of accessories.  In this look: H&M pants, vintage kimono from Shanghai Anxi market, vintage clutch from Bangkok, belt from Mango and Dolce Vita heels. Do you wear kimonos and what is your favorite piece of clothing?

XOXO from Shanghai


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Picca Dilly dress

Feeling romantic today. Actually it was one of those days when you don’t want to leave your apartment…just to stay on the sofa for the whole day, read books about love and drink tea with ginger. Haha…it didn’t happen this way, I spent a day visiting my friends in Suzhou Creek (somehow I start loving that district!!!). At least I decided to express my mood in the clothes I wear: my super comfy Picca Dilly dress, super cute but not so comfy espadrille wedge sandals from Korea and bucket bag from local brand. What can I say, a day with friends is always a great day!!!



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Summer Top 10

It can be a little be hard to look stylish when outside is almost +40C. Yes, yes….summers in Shanghai can be that hot.  And I usually end up going outside in shorts, tank tops, flipflops and of course makeup-less…So this summer I chose my Top 10 items which can help us to look incredible no matter how hot it is outside.



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This what happens when a lot of free time happens:)) I had the whole morning and afternoon free last Sunday so decided to walk around Shanghai and take some photos with my friend and amazing photographer Vladimir Andriychuk. I finally decided to start my “Asian inspired” outfits posts. After living in China for so long I’ve became really interested in Asian fashion and I truly fell in love in certain pieces of traditional Asian fashion like kimonos and qipaos. This kimono is from one of the taobao stores, it gives the certain sophistication to even the most simple and casual look.

More photos are coming soon:) XOXO from Shanghai

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