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Girl of the month. Blair Eadie

Blair is one of my biggest fashion inspirations ever. Every time so different, but always true to her style, Blair manages to create posh but somehow laid-back looks all the time. She is my queen of prints and accessories! I stopped reading a lot of fashion blogs as with the time they became too hmmm… fancy and less inspirational. I don’t want to see endless high fashion brands, I need something I can use in an everyday life!!! Blair on the other hand seems to have an everlasting source of great ideas. Thumbs up!


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Girl of the month. Natalie Suarez

She is truly my boho queen!!! Natalie Suarez developed her own “off duty” style and is a very talented blogger, designer, model and musician. I can describe Natalie’s style as laid-back bohemian romanticism with vintage vibe.  One day she can be so 70’s and then the next day she can rock in a dandy relaxed outfit. I love how she completes her looks with accessories: hats, scarves, jewellery. In her blog www.natalieoffduty.com, Natalie shares her passion for fashion, design and music. Her blog is full of inspirational outfit ideas and great photos!

Natalie Suarez是我最喜欢的时尚博主。我真的很喜欢她的风格。我喜欢她的风格总是”laid-back” and looks effortlessly chic!


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Guess who???

Writing a post about one of the brightest fashionistas nowadays..and I mean it literally!!! She likes bright colours and statement prints. You can often see her in street style chronicles. Oh, and I forgot to mention, but this lady is a very nice photographer and simply loving wife and mama. I bet it is easy to recognise her without seeing her face!!! Can you?

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Style inspiration…Cherry blossom girl

Sometimes it seems to me that Alix Bancourt, known as “Cherry Blossom Girl”, is not real. She is like one of the characters from “Alice in Wonderland” – magical ,whimsical, sometimes theatrical and so romantic. Alix is a true Parisian fashionista from head to toes, she is a great illustrator, she designs clothes and more than that Alix is a great photographer (self-taught).  For a lot of pastels, cute dresses, Charlotte Olympia shoes, true Parisian charm,  unexpected mixes and loads of great inspirational photos go to www.thecherryblossomgirl.com.


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5 reasons to like Leandra Medine

“I’m really happy that people understand that man-repelling is a good thing. I was afraid people would think I was mocking fashion, and it’s like, ‘No, I swear, I’m wearing feathered sleeves as I write this!’”



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