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Halloween inspiration. Heidi Klum

Halloween is the only day in a year when we can look scary, sexy or funny and no one will judge us! So every year, I bet, you spend hours thinking about your costume. Speaking about me, I always look for inspiration, for some ideas. And sometimes I spend a lot of time examining through the Halloween looks in Internet. And I should say, among all the looks I see, there is one person who always surprises me – Heidi Klum, who always look unexpected and shocking!!! What do you say? 
Gothic queen, 2000
Lady Godiva, 2001

Betty Boop inspired look, 2002
Outer space creature, 2003
Red witch, 2004
Eden’s inspired look, 2006
Catwoman, 2007
Hindu goddess, 2008

Raven costume, 2009

Alien transformer, 2010

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