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I want

First of all,  Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends and colleagues. I still haven’t figured out is it a year of goat, sheep or ram…but I hope it will be a good year full of wonderful moments and PEACE! And right at the moment I want…

PicMonkey Collage1111

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I want…

My last “I want” post this year. Frankly speaking, these posts are the most inspirational because actually a lot of my wishes come to life. So, as it is said: step 1 – start wishing, step 2 – start to move your tushie to make your wishes come true. Just sitting on the sofa with your head full of wants and desires doesn’t really help. Here we go…my December wish list.


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The best autumn colour or some yellow inspiration.

When it’s grey and dull outside, when it’s rainy and you don’t want to go outside (but of course you have to), when nothing brings you joy but watching a movie wrapped in a quilt and drinking hot chocolate, give a chance to YELLOW! Nothing cheers me up like a bright pop of colour in a daily outfit. It’s quiet disappointing that the majority of the people choose dark colours for this dark season.  So why not to use some ideas from street style photos or even from the past:)

XOXO from Shanghai



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Dreamy Paris outfit

I dreamed about this day for so long: I’m exiting airport in Paris and here it is  – city of my dreams. I imagined the feeling when I see it for the first time, I imagined the weather, people, buildings, I even imagined how it is going to smell and of course what I’m going to wear. So I created this perfect outfit for autumn Paris: comfy, easy but yet sophisticated. And here we are: boyfriend jeans, striped top, comfy cardigan, loafers and bucket bag.

It didn’t really happen how I imagined. You know what…it was even better. But it is a story for another post or even two:)

XOXO from Shanghai