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Today’s inspiration. Indoor plants

Today I’m over inspired by any interiors filled with plants. The reason might be that I’m not able to grow anything at home (I just keep killing them all over again) and I’m super jealous of people who have green at their homes. There are a lot of health benefits of having indoor plants, but first of all they are an incredible interior part that is able to promote positive energy.  So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired and add greens to your place!

Today's inspiration- Indoor plants

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Spring inspiration: windows

Who doesn’t dream about a place with huge windows and perfect view??? Well, admit, we all do. And…what a coincidence, lately I’ve unleashed my inner interior obsessed freak and became passionately occupied with decorating, redecorating, rearranging my place. It’s like a puzzle – just put all the pieces together, and so far, the only piece that is missing in my puzzle is big windows which will lighten the whole place and set the right mood. So, every time when I see a place or even a picture with big windows, I literally start drooling!

Do big or small windows matter  for you? What are your interior obsessions? Share with us:)

XOXO from Shanghai



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Living in style: One Kings Lane

When it comes to interior design, there is no bigger inspiration than www.onekingslane.com.  Every time I’m changing something around my apartment I always search for ideas there. I live with this thought that everything that surrounds us totally influences our mood, so I try to create the most positive and inspirational atmosphere around. One Kings Lane is a great place to look for unique things: pictures, furniture, accessories and even jewellery, it’s a resource where you can look for lifestyle ideas and trends, new home and lifestyle brands.  Unfortunately they do not deliver outside of US but being in China, there is nothing that I can’t find on-line here:)

XOXO from Shanghai


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Dreams in pictures. My perfect cottage house

We all dream, we all hope, we all desire. I really think that dreams sometimes help us to leave and just to stay afloat.  As it is said: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney” I do dream about peace, health, happiness, I dream about all the people becoming a little bit more kind! I also have more material dreams.  Just imagine cute and charming cottage house surrounded with a beautiful garden with fruit trees and flowers. It has a big terrace with a dining place, a lot of rustic and boho details, light and big bedroom, fireplace in the living room, library with a lot of books and a lot of wooden pieces… my dream cottage house


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One of my favourite routines lately is to wake up early (!!!) on Sunday morning, have a light breakfast, drink an enormous cup of coffee and buy flowers! I have no idea why didn’t I notice earlier how flowers have a power to enlighten my apartment and they definitely brighten my day! Bringing a nature element to my life and apartment became an essential part of my living in Shanghai. And there are so many choices and varieties of flowers and ideas how to style them. I like to choose and unusual containers to place flowers: mugs, glasses, jars, bowls….just use your imagination and enjoy!!!!

Photos from pinterest.com/alisabradford, pinterest.com/lindalovescats, pinterest.com/iramariaa, pinterest.com/wedgwle/entertaining