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3 clothing items that make me feel gorgeous.

Do you have any clothing items which when you wear, make you feel like a Queen, which make you confident and …well….happy??? I do!!! Without any hesitation I can say that leather midi skirt, culottes and bodycon dress are always on the top of my “favourites” list. Even though I understand that these are not the easiest items to style and if you are not going to wear them correctly, they can turn your look in a complete disaster; I always feel gorgeous when I wear my favourite leather midi skirt bought in a thrift store in Paris, Mango culottes and Asos bodycon dress.


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I want

These are actually one of my favourite topics for posts. No one cancelled dreaming, right? We still can do it:) And we can keep focusing on making our dreams come true. So here is another post about everything I want at the moment:

1. I want…coffee. Seriously, I became addicted to coffee. And this addictions grows much stronger in autumn/winter period.


2. I want….to be bright. And it definitely will become my New Year’s resolution. Somehow it is soooo difficult to achieve. Every time when I go shopping I still prefer darker colours as they are practical.



3. I want… a midi leather skirt. You just can’t go wrong with it!



4. I want…pink. Yea….it’s not just Barbie colour, turns out paired with right colours and clothes it can look nice (especially in dull and boring winter)!



5. I want…an animal print coat. I want it!!!! I want it no matter what everyone says. I just didn’t find the right one!



6. I want…flare jeans. I actually wish I could wear them every single day. God, they make my legs look divine.



7. I want… a warm laaarge knit scarf. No explanations needed. I just like to stay warm:)



8. I want…a faux fur snood. Madly fell in love with them!



9. I want….an oversized knit. Every time even when I see them I feel warmer:) And you can pair them with so many things!



10. I want…a turtleneck. Haven’t been wearing them since high school. And feel it is time for turtlenecks comeback!!!!

10Photos from pinterest.com, atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com, onlystylishpeople.blogspot.com


Plans for autumn

 So keep talking about the inevitable coming of autumn…I really want to change my approach to fall’s wardrobe. I have so many things in my mind, so we will see if I can really manage to do it. 
I want a cape for a long enough, so this year I decided to go to tailor and get it made. Why not to buy? Simply because I didn’t see anything I like in affordable price. And I already can think about so many outfits to complete with a cape, first which comes into  my mind is casual lady-like: flared jeans, ankle boots and some cute sweater.

2. Bright coat
Definitely a must-have for autumn season. Actually it seems to me that a bright piece of clothing in dull autumn weather can simply make you day, so a yellow-sh/mustard coat can absolutely make us happier:) I fell in love with this Topshop coat, love at first sight as they say. And sweatshirt+boyfriend jeans+comfy shoes is a great outfit for grey autumns.

3. Be a lady
Somehow autumn seasons to me means staying comfy/jeans/leggings/oversized sweaters looks. And this is the thing I want to change this year. So this is how I imagine my future lady-like look: leather skirt, feminine blouse, ankle boots and belted tweed jacket.

4. Wedge booties
I admit that I’m not a real fan of high heels, but wedges is my true love. I feel more stable (if I can say it) wearing wedges. That is why this season I’m looking for my perfect pair of wedge booties.