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Do it like bloggers

Not literally. Don’t copy. Never. Just get inspired and stay warm in winter:)

1. Be the queen of beanies like Carolina Engman d437316188dbaab6111a4213bb2abe50

2. Stay comfy like Alexandra from Lovely Pepa 8effeedcc078089b2a9267f551370144

3. Wear coats like Blair Eadie c62916af730a725f7b1cafa6d4a72cae

4. Start loving fedoras like Kristina Bazan 8a1ba775ebe03839a9458988f119894b

5. Bring 80’s and 90’s vibe to your looks like Karla Deras ef9811860eae9e6484ce5b8152133e94

6. Keep trends in mind like Chiara Ferragni 5a1a682a10eb1af87491127b2425712b

7. Be retro/boho and always chic like Jane Aldridge e9139dba309f5f1ae816512da421a5f5


But always be yourself and be true to your style!

From Shanghai with love.


Style inspiration…fashion bloggers (Lovely Pepa)

I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard about Alexandra and her very inspirational blog www.lovely-pepa.com
or at least you saw her looks in magazines or streets style photos. I’m really inspired by Alexandra’s style, because of one reason – it’s wearable!!!! Unlike other bloggers, Alexandra styles her looks with affordable clothes and accessories. If I want to see Dior, Chanel, Celine, LV, …..looks I can just browse through celebrities photos. When I’m following fashion blogger’s style I can see something that I can apply in a real life.
Alexandra is sharing with us her passion for fashion, travelling, photography and animals and by the way Alexandra’s french bulldog Pepa is another character in her blog..very cute one:)
By the way, except of being a fashion blogger and enthusiastic, Alexandra designs shoes in collaboration with fashion brand Krack. You can see everything here
What do you say?


Photos from lovely-pepa.com