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Vogue. History in covers

Vogue IS actually a  fashion, who is going to doubt it? If you want a real fashion you are not looking for Cosmo or Glamour, it is always Vogue!!!
But who knows that it’s history began in 1892 as a weekly publication. Dear Arthur Baldwin Turnure thank You for doing it for us. Sir Arthur even couldn’t imagine what he started…he started the whole new era of fashion.    Vogue survived through depression, WW II, through all the difficulties of the past century.
   I always wait  for the new edition, cause I know it Will be something jaw-dropping..every time, every single edition. I read editions from different countries:USA, United Kingdom, India, Russia… In every country’s edition there is a lot of national specialties, incredible  photo shoots, latest fashion trends.
   Vogue for me is not just a magazine, it is an ART!!!
  My special thanks to Anna Wintour who saved the high status and reputation of this magazine. She has been the guardian of Vogue since 1980s. And she is doing a great job!!!
That is how it was in 1916.
November 1924
December 1931
March 1948
January 1950
April 1952
November 1954
September 1965
March 1966
October 1967
March 1971
December 1975
November 1979
December 1980
July 1986
January 1987
October 1989
January 1990
January 1991
December 1991
January 1993
January 1995
October 1997
February 1999
January 2000
January 2001
February 2002
March 2002
January 2005
August 2005
February 2007
January 2009
August 2010
May 2011
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