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Spring lips DO!!

   Seems like spring is postponed even in Shanghai:( Lately the weather has been really weird. But nevertheless I’m totally ready for it, the only last touch  is to think about the make-up. After winter burgundy and dark red lips I’m so ready for bright colors, just don’t know which shadow to choose: orange, bright red, neon, ombre, pink. girls, what about you, what color do you prefer?

 Pics from pinterest.com/prettyinmypoc/lips-pout-pretty, pinterest.com/birchbox/lips, pinterest.com/AKissOfColour/make-up, google.com

2012 make-up trends: bold lips

   Seems that bright lips will never be out of fashion, just colors and shades change: pinkish, brownish, redish…. I was always a fan of making an accent on the lips, as it can truly change the whole look. We could see bold lips all over 2012 fashion shows. What do you say? Are you ready?

From beautyeditor.ca, makeupforlife.net, www.be-mod.com, harpersbazaar.com