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During last autumn days…

   You already saw my positive sweatshirt in one of my previous posts. So that is the whole outfit: super simple and comfy! Last days don’t go anywhere without my “man-ish” booties and the best leather jacket from Mango. Unfortunately lately the weather in Shanghai has been throwing a lot of temper tantrums, so warm parkas, hats and mittens is the only thing I wear:( I seriously want autumn back!

New sweatshirt

   I’m truly and completely in love with Paris and France, so when  saw this sweatshirt in Mango I couldn’t resist. It appeared to be really comfy and I already can think about so many ways to wear it. This time: shorts from Zara and booties from D:FUSE. I always like to keep it simple and don’t like to overwhelm my outfits with a lot of accessories, so consider me boring:)

Vintage green pants!

   Couple of years ago I found a great passion for vintage things. There are so much difference comparing to what we can buy now…prints, colors, fabrics. As the vintage market in Shanghai is not really developed, I enjoy and appreciate my every single vintage purchase here. These green pants were found at “Lolo love vintage” about a year ago. And yesterday I wore them for the first time! I completed the look with Mango striped T-shirt, my favorite summer bracelets and one of my oldest clutches purchased in small shop in Shanghai.

Red town in Shanghai

   It was a perfect day to enjoy Red Town, one of the art districts of Shanghai. At last it’s sunny!!!! I found another great place for dining, “Beca Cafe”, I don’t know why didn’t I go to that place earlier?!?!?!And…it was a perfect chance to wear my favorite leather jacket from Mango.
Hope you all having a fabulous time!!