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"Esprit Dior" in Shanghai

Without any doubts I can say that it was one of the best exhibitions I’ve ever attended. It is dedicated to maestro Christian Dior and his masterpieces and plus later creations of this fashion house. The earliest creation I noticed is from 1947 as well as latest Haute Couture gowns worn by celebrities, this exhibition just shows us a journey of Dior through the years. You can also see the process of creation of Dior cosmetics on the little screens on the walls and 
   It is hard to explain, but this exhibition was magical: that atmosphere, those legendary pieces of clothing, amazing fabrics and silhouettes, sketches, decorations…. I took nearly 100 photos, and believe me it wasn’t enough!
   If you are in Shanghai till the early November, find couple of hours and go to the Museum of Contemporary Art on Nanjing rd. 231. You won’t regret it! 

From Instagram

   Instagram became a perfect way to share photos with my friends and became really addicted to it:) Turns out the camera on my HTC allows to take really great pictures. I never feel like taking photos of myself, let‘s say I’m just not “there” yet:)) But…in Shanghai there are so many inspirational places and details, so it could probably take me the whole life to take all the photos I want.
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And I found out that I enjoy taking pictures of plants and flowers…

…and just Shanghai in details and my favorite places…

…and just everything around me…


   This week I had an honor to become a small part of MARY CHING, a luxury shoe and accessories brand. I had a great opportunity to meet Alsion Mary Ching Yeung,she is a genius, who is standing behind the whole idea. Except of being such a talented person, Alison is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. MARY CHING shop in Shanghai is situated in Ferguson lane, boutique 106. And this place has the craziest design ever! Would you imagine a luxury brand boutique on a fire exit stairs?!?!?!!
   One of the highlights of the evening was Alison’s cute dog Mr. Dimsum:) who was always trying to get our attention!
   Stunning heels, amazing cashmere and leather slippers, ballerinas, travel sets and pashminas… I fell in love with everything. Fabulous design and great quality!
   So if you are in Shanghai, visit Ferguson lane, it is on Wukang road 376, boutique 106

Random Shanghai…

   My favorite Shanghai……these photos were taken just couple of days before going to Thailand. My mom and me were walking in Tianzifang, a really beautiful area, with old houses, a lot of shops and cafes. It is perfect to go there on weekdays in the mornings, when there are almost no people. Those are the only moments you can enjoy everything.

Photo of the day! The Bund…

   This is an amazing view on one of the main sightseeings in Shanghai – Bund. I’m in love with this place, especially when there are not too many people…though it is almost impossible. Yesterday there were so many people that it is hard to imagine, seemed that the whole Shanghai was enjoying the same view with me…