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Pleated skirts.

Here is my¬†story: when I was in middle school my parents¬†got me a cute pleated black polka dot skirt. I looked at it and …..I fell in love with it from the first sight! I loved the pleats and the print so much that I simply couldn’t get enough of the new purchase. But somehow after the very short period of time the skirt lost it’s original shape and the pleats started to look very miserable which was devastating for me at that time. Since then I have bought ZERO pleated items and I simply stopped paying attention to them … until now! My new pretty pleated dress from Asos returned my faith in pleated clothing items again and I can’t be more excited! Now I turned my attention to pleated skirts and looking for the perfect one! Pleated skirts are really fun to style: first of all they are suitable for every season (unless it’s -30C outside) and for almost every occasion! Ladies, let’s get inspired!


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